Visual Elements Of Art Falls

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An “unestablished” piece of art that stuck out to me was railroad tracks. This work of art speaks to me because it reminds me of the many people who were slaves that tried to escape to freedom many years ago. Their journey was filled with endless runinng trying to escape their old lives filled with danger, and abuse. These individuals were in search of an uknown world that awaited them. Moreover, it is reminiscent of leaving one’s old life behind in search of something new, the unkown. The artistic impulse that this work of art falls under is refreshing our vision to see the world in new ways. Immediately seeing a railroad track might not result in everyone having the same interpretation of how this falls into the realm of an “unestablished” work of art. There are various visual elements present: their definitely is a stark outline by the brown rustic rails that are an array of vertical lines. The horizontal lines are represented by the wooden blocks of wood which in spite of some slight chipping remain intact to secure passerbys on trains or those traveling by. Looking farther are diagnoal lines which draws the viewers eyes to the railroad tracks and the dumpsters surrounding it. Additionally, the green color of the dumpsters along with their black lids provide a sense of variety. The dumpsters are varying sizes and are arranged a certain distance apart from each other similar to the baggage that people carry when escaping one world and entering into another. The struggle
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