Visual Entities ( Ve ), Inc.

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Visual Entities (VE), Inc. is a small business that designs, manufactures and installs interior and exterior signage throughout Michigan and the Midwest region. Currently, their IT infrastructure consists of two back-up servers that are in-housed, one for their Cyrious software and the other for their FileMaker program, which are their main database management systems for their daily business operations. Each system is password protected with firewalls. Their current e-mail server is iServ which is also password protected, and their website managed by Presently, the company does not have an IT security policy nor do they have a risk mitigation or business continuity plan. The current owners do not feel it is a necessary…show more content…
First, their current IT infrastructure is secured with password mechanisms and firewalls which they have set-up on their own. The owners have no IT experience and their education are based on “The Idiot’s Guide” series. Along with these mechanisms, they have purchased McAfee Anti-virus programs for virus protection for three out of the five PCs they have. Third, their back-up servers are on the same premise with the main server. In the event of a physical disaster, the company would lose everything because their back-up servers resides in the same place as the main server. Fourth, since the owners consider having an IT security policy an unnecessary investment, they are, instead, investing in refurbished MAC computers because they are hacker-proof, which according to some cyber security magazines is false. Consequently, they have experienced virus attacks and business interruptions caused by their employees. Event #1: VE’s Trojan Attack. About a year ago prior to my employment, one of the project managers was web-surfing on one of the company’s PC. The project manager was visiting male enhancement product sites for her significant other. Since the owners did not establish a web browsing policy nor set-up firewalls to block certain websites, the project manager downloaded a Trojan program. The program did several things to the computer and parts of the server. The program held certain files for ransom while infecting several programs including FileMaker,
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