Visual Kei : A New Subculture

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Visual Kei is one of the longest lasting subcultures within Tokyo, however, a new subculture trend is visually striking in a far opposite way. It 's called Yamanba and it has people at a loss for words. Most are conflicted as to whether this subculture is attractive or a joke. Yamanba dress features vibrantly colored ultra feminine clothing, long teased colored hair with extensions, and bizarre face makeup that will make anyone take a second look. Yamanba is virtually a female only subculture that emerged from the ashes of the ganguro subculture of the mid to late 1990’s. It is a subculture that, similar to its predecessor, has set out to challenge the societal norms of Japanese beauty standards: pale skin, neutral makeup, dark hair. Yamanba females darken their faces to a shade of dark orange and borderline black pigment. Then, they contour it with bright white and shades of pink without the use of evening and blending the skin tone. The dress of Yamanba communicates anarchy and protest to the patriarchal society and repressing standard of beauty for women; and to those who wear the Yamanba dress, it communicates freedom of expression and freedom from society 's robotic standards of beauty. Yamanba hair is genuinely similar to the American scene style hair. Teased high for volume and complemented with flat ironed straight hair extensions. Yamanba hair is oftentimes curled, often in excess. Even curled, their hair is still excessively long and extremely

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