Visual Leaners Essay

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Sometimes you need to see it to believe it. The most well represented style in school is the Visual learning style. This is a person who learns best by reading and seeing. A visual learner will retain the most information by looking at words on a chalkboard and copying their notes down. They will also learn by reading over their notes or a textbook, and highlighting important facts as they go along. These students will be comfortable with writing outlines, designing posters and making diagrams to represent what they have learned. Also working with puzzles and colors will come easily to them.

Teachers hoping to help visual learners might give hand outs of the information needed or use an overhead projector to show the lesson for
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These students will most likely move their lips silently when reading. Classes that are taught in a lecture type style will be most beneficial for these learners. To retain information these students will repeat their notes over and over out loud. Auditory learners will most likely have a talent in music by being able to better hear different pitches of sound and tunes (Duker, 1971). Memorizing songs will come easily to them and they may find themselves memorizing their lessons in the form of some melody in their head. These students will be most likely be at ease when they have to put their ideas in form of a speech and will be better at explaining their ideas out loud than writing them down on paper.

In the classroom teachers should emphasize that their students who are auditory learners should bring a tape recorder to class so that they can listen to the lecture at home. Teachers should also make sure they explain concepts that and not just write them down (Slaughter, 2002). Especially material learned from reading should be discussed as a class. Along with class discussions, class debates will be best suited for a verbal learner. Records that put the lesson in a form of a song or rhymes to remember information will also help these students. When giving instructions for an assignment or a project repeating the steps a couple times will help these students to follow along. Letting the child choose to do a speech or write a
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