Visual Learning Style as Perceived by DLSL Education Students

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Introduction Throughout many researches they found out that most of the 21st century learners are visual learners or someone who “needs to see it to know it,” (S.D.Fliess, 2009) Visual learners are those who learn things best through seeing them. Visual learners often prefer to sit in the front of the class and watch the lecture closely, because in this manner they see visual clearly so they understand and remember lessons. Visual aids such as maps, graph, pictures and colorful outline are the effective tools that can be used by teacher to accommodate students that are visual learners. Often, these students will find that confusing information makes more sense when it is explained with the aid of a chart or picture. These types of learners learn best with visual aid when studying, like a colorful outline of test materials, he or she may retain more information. For this type of learner, visual tools improve the ability to recall information more completely; these tools have a big impact to a visual learner. (G Fleming, 2013) Some visual learners are characterise by using maps, pictures, diagrams, and color; needs to see the teacher’s body language/facial expression to fully comprehend; often closes their eyes to visualize or remember something. Teachers may also teach students to use highlighters when going through their notes and to create flashcards when studying for tests and learning information. These are the way on how will a teacher caters a student that is visual

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