Visual Merchandising in Line with Apparel, Book and Shoe Retailing

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Index Preface Acknowledgements Index Visual merchandising: Overview Indian Scenario Current scenario/Components Lifestyle Store Crossword Store ShoeMart Store Visual Merchandising: Observation Study Recommendation Visual Merchandising: Overview Visual Merchandising (VM) is the art of presentation, which puts the merchandise in focus and in perspective too. It educates the customers, creates desire and finally augments the selling process. This is a nascent stage for the Indian retail industry; therefore a professional program on Visual Merchandising will go a long way in…show more content…
In a world where we can find identical merchandise in more than one store, layout and presentation become key differentiating factors. Create Your Store for Your Target Customer You can have the most unique, creative and different store on the planet, but if doesn 't conform to what your customers want and expect, then it is of no value. Retail has always been, and will always be, about the consumer. Your entire store concept must be built around your target customer. Succeed at satisfying this shopper and you win the game. Build and design a store that looks beautiful but doesn 't fit the marketplace and the only people who will be happy are the architect and contractors. Take a Strategic Approach Unfortunately, the days of running a traditional "Ma and Pa" operation, lacking any real business sophistication, are long gone. A haphazard approach to store layout generates less than desired results. You must squeeze every ounce of potential out of your store to make it a winner. How you present your store is a very strategic part of your business. In order to position every item in its proper location, you must have a far more detailed plan than the usual "It was the only place left available, so that 's where it ended up!" Give your best-selling merchandise the most favourable display areas in your store. There 's no point in making the job of selling products any more
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