Visual Merchandising in Retail

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Visual Merchandising in Retail For this assignment I have been asked to describe how visual merchandising is applied to the three selected retail outlets to an identified range of goods. Store one-Tesco Merchandising techniques In Tesco the merchandising techniques they use are: -Senses. A supermarket like Tesco would use this technique to try and bring more customers into the store by using smell, sight, sound and taste. They would play music to try and attract people into the store, and they would also have staff at the front of the store offering free samples to customers to try to try and persuade them to buy the product. They would use lighting for an example for sight as it would draw customers to come into the store to…show more content…
This technique influences customers to buy the products as they are usually by the tills and are sometimes on special offer. Sales and discounts: - Tesco uses this technique because it will influence more people buy the product as it is cheaper. This is very appealing for the customer as it provides a quick route for those who are shopping for bargains. This also keeps the customers looking at different parts of the store as this link leads to the display of many of their products. Sales and discounts can encourage so-called "trial and repeat" purchases. Retailers can use special offers such as buy-one-get-one offers. Coupons are another way to encourage purchases by offering discounts on products. Free gifts with purchase also encourage customers to purchase products and increase sales. Sales whether advertised in the store, online, in newspapers or via some other medium will help get customers into the store. Retailers can place sales signs in window displays as an incentive for customers to shop. Store two-Volkswagen car dealer One of the merchandising techniques Volkswagen use is lighting, they use this as one of their techniques to make certain cars look more appealing to the customers, and to also make the car look of a higher quality. Another reason they use lighting in the showroom is to make the car stand out more, and make the customers
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