Visual Perception Of The Human Body Are Vision, Audition, Olfaction, Gustation, And Somatosensory

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The five senses of the human body are vision, audition, olfaction, gustation, and somatosensory. Vision is the sense dealing with sight. Vision is most sensitive to light. The main part of our vision comes through our eyes and is processed through our brain. Audition is the sense of hearing. Audition is obtained through our ears picking up vibrations and processing the sounds we hear. Olfaction is the sense of smelling. Olfaction occurs through our olfactory receptor neurons being stimulated by a certain chemical in the air and being sent to our brain to process what we smell. Gustation is the sense of tasting. Gustation involves our tongue and the taste buds on that which have receptor cells in them. The final sense is the somatosensory…show more content…
Because more experienced players would obviously do better than novice players in performing tasks. They were given a series of task and the blurred part of their vision was changed, to see whether the players were affected or not. The experiment found that blur always altered the pattern of eye movements before it decreased task performance. “The skilled players had the capacity to alter their attentional focus to rely on peripheral visual information when the central vision no longer supported task performance”. (Abernethy) The experiment also found that the more experienced players could rely more on their peripheral vision then the less experienced players could. The second article was titled, “The role of clarity and blur in guiding visual attention in photographs”, they conducted this experiment to see if the viewer’s gaze can be guided by the selective use of image clarity and blur. In this experiment participants looked at twelve pictures and studied them and then were shown
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