Visual Portrayals Of Female Media

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Visual portrayals of females in mass media have been a focal point of discussion for many scholarly articles and debates for more than 5 decades (Mager & Helgeson 2010).

Earlier females were portrayed to play the roles that were more stereotypical representing a domestic field with weak and dependent traits (Easton & Toner 1983). However with the progression of time, women crossed this boundary and earned the respect in professional arena (Thurm 2001) with attained traits of being strong and autonomous (Kates & Shaw-Garlock 1999). Similarly with the period of time, advertising also faced constant dynamic and revolutionary changes (Belch & Belch 2015). The advertisements started to show the women’s strength, however, the ads still portrayed the strength in a stereotypical form with the body image physically attractive (Bainbridge 1996) and in few ads playing a subordinate role with respect to men. Moreover, the women promoting a specific product are now portrayed as more of a product user than an expert in the usage of the product. For instance, during the later 1800s, suggestive and nude images of women were used to promote tobacco companies (Reichert 2003). Sheehan (2013)p.95) also supported this by stating that females are shown as “young, with perfect skin free from acne and nary a wrinkle in sight; they are fit, with a six-pack stomach and no hint of cellulite and they have full heads of glossy, thick hair”. Figure (5) shows some of the examples showing the above…
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