Visual Propaganda For Armed Conflict Comment

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Edward Helbling
Visual Propaganda for Armed Conflict Comment by Grammarly: Deleted:a
Professor McCrery

During World War II, the Nazis propaganda machine was the primary tool to win over the minds of millions of Germans who did not initially support Hitler and the Nazis? anti-Semitic agenda. Josef Goebbels was the man most responsible for the Nazi?s racist indoctrination of the Germans, as the Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. He led the national takeover of all forms of media and entertainment that targeted and eventually penetrated the educational, recreational and religious institutions of Germany. Goebbels? goal was to depict the Jewish community as ?not German? and also as a group of people who had no loyalty to Germany, and even establish them as less than human through the Nazi Eugenics ideology. These myths were mostly perpetuated by films, rallies, books, newspapers, and posters. These efforts continued systematically despite efforts by anti-Nazi groups like the European Union and the White Rose, groups who were composed of anti-fascist Germans who produced many anti-Nazis propaganda leaflets during the war. These groups despised Nazism and wrote newsletters leaflets debunking the myths orchestrated by the Nazis propaganda machine, however their efforts were largely unsuccessful, as millions of German citizens believed the Nazi rhetoric regarding the Jews ( Much of the Nazi message was targeted towards German youth by controlling…
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