Visual Representation Of Video Games

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In the beginning video games such as Spacewar! (1962) started with little to no graphics displayed on small black and white oscilloscope screens.
As technology in video games improves so does our ability to display larger more detailed graphics and images, leading to beautiful hand drawn and animated games such as Dark Stalkers (Capcom 1994) and Lori and the blind forest (Moon Studios 2015). Along with this improvement in technology and graphics, the search for more immersive experiences has also grown whether it be the NES Power Glove (1989), Battle Tech centres (1990) or the HTC VIVE (2016) the game industry wants to take the immersion that one step further.
But how important is realistic visual representation to the flow of a game? Csikszentmihalyi believed that there are eight elements of flow within video games; a task that can be completed, the ability to concentrate, clear goals, immediate feedback, a sense of control, player skill matching challenge, self concern disappears, sense of time being altered. The aesthetics within video games don 't seem to effect any of the elements Csikszentmihalyi has given us and yet we strive for bigger and better graphical experiences to increase the realism of our gameplay.
Immersion in art

 Realism was broadly considered the beginning of modern art due to the belief that everyday life and the world around us was a suitable subject for artists who wished to portray the truth within our society. Unfortunately when photography

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