Visual Representation in the Movie "Donnie Darko"

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There have been countless numbers of films produced and directed in the past decade that could be labeled as weird or bizarre, however, one of the most head-scratching and unusual films to hit the big screen in the past decade was Donnie Darko (2001), directed by Richard Kelly. The film depicts a troubled adolescent named Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal), who after surviving a near death experience, finds himself at the center of numerous acts of violence and vandalism in his community, possibly due to his growing insanity. Arguably, one of the highlights of the film, if not the main highlight, occurs during Donnie’s first day back at school since his close brush with death. This dreamlike and hyper amplified school-entrance montage that Kelly…show more content…
The song, when examined lyrically word for word, accurately portrays the implied emotions from character to character; the self-help obsessed teacher, the bullies, the loner, and Miss. Pomri’s (Drew Barrymore) obvious disgust of Sparkle Motion. Although, along with the presence of hatred, interpreted by examining the visual aspect of the montage, from character to character there as an undeniable theme of love in this particular clip as well. The Tears for Fears song is considered to be a love song all on its own, accurately titled “Head over Heels”. The fact that the actual dynamic of the scene is sped up, it makes the viewer feel dazed, as if he or she is actually walking in those halls, experiencing first hand what it feels like to be in school again, wondering if that special someone will walk by and lock eyes with one another. Despite the lack of dialogue in this scene, the cinematography alone gives much to discuss. The scene starts out with Donnie exiting the school bus from the back emergency exit as opposed to the front exit. Oddly enough, as the bus’ back door swings open, the camera is positioned at a canted low angle, capturing Donnie exiting from a horizontal view as opposed to right side up. It is likely that Kelly planned this according so. Without a doubt, Donnie would never have survived the jet engine crashing into his room. The room unoccupied at the time of impact, Donnie unknowingly cheated death. It could be implied that Donnie’s

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