Visual Representations Of Maori Women Essay

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This essay examines visual representations of Maori women within the photographic domain. I will examine and compare three examples of how Maori women were represented within the European domain in the early twentieth century paying particular attention to the research done by Jacqui Sutton Beets in her book ?Bitter Sweet: Indigenous women in the Pacific?. Investigating the meanings and functions based on the ideologies of the time as well as the importance these representations have held within a social and cultural context for Maori Women and cultural identity. In comparison I will also examine two Maori artists that have represented Maori women within the contemporary domain and how the codes and conventions used in portrait photography have transformed the stereotype construct of early colonial imperialism.

Early representations of New Zealanders are often associated with the notions of hardworking, no.8 wire thinking people that live in an untouched natural environment. These generalisation?s stem from stereotypes that derived from the pioneers who came to New Zealand and colonized an undiscovered land and developed a nation. Arguably this is the western view of what New Zealand identity is. Social change over time has seen New Zealanders transform from a nostalgic L&P commercial (which ironically mainly show white men) into a multi-cultural, sophisticated, adventurous people or as Prime Minister John Key has been quoted ?loyal and proud?. A romantic
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