Visual Signs Of The Advertisement

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Living in a world that is increasing in visual signs in advertisements, it is important to note what they mean and the effect it has on us. Human beings are homo significans meaning that we are meaning-makers, one reason being that we unconsciously interpret signs by relating them to familiar structural convention. As advertisers are dependent on different conventions like fine art, photography, music, cultural codes and literary tropes, they combine signifiers and signified in order to give specific meanings to their commodities and achieve commercial value (Goldman & Papson 1996)

This essay will analyse the advert in semiotic terms, discussing in detail the different signifiers used for interpretations. I have chosen a dentistry advert for Walter Moretto. the copy, I saw that there is more to the advert. This misunderstanding sparked my interest to know more and the simplicity yet great appeal of the advert pulled me in and I decided to discover what made me a victim of it.

The advert; “Time is Up for Bacteria and Plaque” shows a man that can be identified as the Grim Reaper holding a dental floss pick instead of a scythe a Reaper is accustomed to. At the bottom of the ad, there is a name; “Dr. Med. Dent. Walter Moretto” who is identified as a dental hygienist and his web address; “” is placed below. The order of the individual elements shows their relation to each other.

The information on the advert tells anyone reading and interested in…
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