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Visual Text
Advertising was first developed in 1841. It has become the way we communicate to persuade an audience. It has become a huge part of our lives. It plays a large role in our social impact of life. It has shaped our values to the point that it is taking over the decisions we make. Everything we are taught and believe are right and wrong are changed by the way it makes us think and behave. Our culture is being shaped by these advertisements and commercials and sadly they are affecting us in a very negative way.
The advertisement I chose to write my paper on is about a particular type of cigarette which is called the Tipalet. The reason why I chose to write my paper on this particular type of advertisement was because this is an
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Even though now in the twenty first century we know the side effects of smoking cigarettes over a period of time causes lung cancer, we still tend to smoke it. Even if we do not know it, advertisements play a very important role in our lives. I chose this particular advertisement because I wanted to show how our culture is still the same as it was in the seventies. Men want to get notice by beautiful women and the Tipalet Company took advantage of that want and published this advertisement to show that if they smoke a Tipalet then they can have a beautiful woman following them just as shown in the advertisement. Even though today’s society still uses sexual connotation to persuade the public to use their product, the view has changed dramatically. Most women of today would agree that this advertisement could be considered degrading. A man blowing cigarette smoke in a woman’s face would never be considered appropriate in the 21st century. That doesn’t stop advertisements such as these to lose sexual connotation, but it does widen the audience by generalizing the product to a bigger audience. In the seventies, this product would only be marketed towards men. In today’s times, cigarettes are marketed to both men and women. In order to reach women though, the advertisements had to be changed from a male based audience to a general audience. This shows that even though advertisements have
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