Visual rhetoric paper

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What’s Riding On Your Tires? In this advertisement created by Michelin, it is a clear picture of a baby and a tire standing upright behind it. The advertisement is titled, “Michelin, because so much is riding on your tires”, hence the baby. The purpose of this ad is to convince its audience to spend extra money to buy Michelin tires instead of the cheaper, less safe brands. For this ad the targeted audience would be drivers with families. In a more specification of the driver it would be drivers who are mothers. In the photo you notice that the baby is sitting in front of a Michelin tire with one hand resting in the middle of the tire. It seems as …show more content…
It’s a mother’s natural instinct to protect her young. You could also argue that the audience is partially fathers as well. Many people will agree that it’s a father’s job to provide, protect and keep his family safe. This meaning that the father would look at this advertisement and want to buy his specific brand of tires for the assurance of safety for his family. In the following ad it is clear that pathos is used strongly to sway the audience. There are many emotions that gather into this advertisement. The overall emotion is the idea that it provides a certain safety for the viewer’s family. In this Michelins advertisement pathos is used in a way where they include a cute baby giving that assumption that it protects the viewer’s children. For this Ad logos is used to show that people need and should pay a higher cost for their tires because of the trustworthiness built into the tires. Logos gives the ad a meaning to care for it. Michelin makes it seem like they really want you to buy their tires because nothing bad could happen to you and your family if their tires are the ones that are on your car. In the sincere paragraph printed on the ad they give reasoning’s as to why their tires are more expensive than others. This advertisement suggest that their tires will last longer than the cheaper tires.
In order to successfully sway the audience to what you want them to want, it is important that your advertisement has credibility or ethos. For Michelin ad,
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