Visualization Analysis On Data Mining

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Visualization in data mining is a new methodology for exploring and analyzing a huge data sets, data visualization techniques and joining traditional data mining strategies. It is used for large amounts of data sets and information. Visualization of model-fitting, data and results play a very important role, but vast data sets are distinctive and new techniques of a data display needed for managing and dealing with large data sets. With the help of this paper to learn the importance of visualization techniques, approaches and methods used in data mining . The strategy used to achieve this objective is writing an literature review of many books, journal articles and conference proceeding which are written by experts.
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Data mining is the procedure of identifying new hidden, insights and unexpected patterns in large data. Analyzing and exploring the huge volume of data sets and information becomes increasingly very difficult. Visualization of data mining helps to deal with a flood of data and information. As a volume of a large set of data stored and collected in databases develops, there is a developing need to provide a data summarization through visualization. The benefit of visual information investigation is that the client directly involves in the process of…

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