Vita Coco Controversy Written By Seth Stevenson

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Based on "How coconut water suddenly became ubiquitous on American shelves" written by Seth Stevenson, there is now a movement that is called wellness (or at least trying to achieve it). Consumers are now more conscious on what is in the nutrition facts.they are taking in and how it affects their body. This results in a feedback effect where people are now much more invested in finding and buying products that can better and create positive effects in the body. And of course, Vita Coco is a perfect fit in the health conscious consumers' demand of natural hydration. Vita Coco markets itself as a natural sports drink to it’s high content in electrolytes and potassium. That is the reason that the target market of Vita Coco started with…show more content…
Selling their product to non-tropical countries and urban areas, like US, was an extreme challenge for them because the locals to these places don’t know what to expect taste-wise and have a hard time adjusting to the taste.. And so, they proved their flexibility to circumstances by creating other Vita Coco flavors. In this way, they can taste familiar flavors but it is now incorporated with coco water. The other flavors of Vita Coco are not or are still not available in tropical countries such as the Philippines because locals in tropical countries don't have a problem on consuming coco water since it is very abundant and the locals are used to the taste. Relying on all natural resources is a real challenge and that calls for good business planning to sustaining the company. That is why Vita Coco does not only rely on one place for their coconuts, they have lots of other tropical countries to rely on from Brazil to Asia. They have sources in 9 different regions. This is to make sure that if one place gets hit by a natural disaster, it won't stop them in continuing their business and it won’t greatly affect the productivity of their
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