Vita E Bella

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To Deceive a Child or Not? Roberto Benigni is a very unique writer who sometime uses comedy to describe the most serious of situations. In the film Vita e Bella, Benigni uses comedy to describe the events that happened leading up to the Holocaust. The motion picture is set in the time when Jews were discriminated against in Germany. The main character, Guido, is of Jewish descent and falls in love with an upper-class woman named Dora. As it turned out she was getting married to someone else and Guido comes and literally sweeps her off her feet on a white horse at the wedding reception. Eventually the two do get married and have a son named Joshua, who is a very energetic young boy. As he is growing up, he is oblivious to the…show more content…
Joshua's father is doing the right thing by using his comedic genius to trick his son into believing the concentration camp is just a game. His action is justified by him being a good parent and putting his child before himself. Even though Guido unfortunately dies right before the concentration camp is shut down, he has saved his son. He keeps his son's head up through the entire ordeal and when he becomes older and mature he realizes what enormous sacrifices his father made for him. Joshua grows from the experience realizing what a great man his father is and how he is able to make it through the horrific event alive. • La Vita e Bella. Dir. Roberto Benigni. Miramax. 1998 • "Arts: Holocaust. Hollow laughs: Can you play the Final Solution as farce? Film of the week: La Vita e Bella (119 mins, PG) Directed by Roberto Benigni; starring Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Horst Buchholtz." The Observer (London, England) (Feb 14, 1999): 6. Custom Newspapers (InfoTrac-Gale). Thomson Gale. Midlands Technical College. 28 Mar. 2007
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