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Field research Vital Punkt

Product range - Yangyangzi

A. The retailer “vital punkt” offers :
-Breakfast service and restaurant
-All products we can find in this retailer are Bio and good healthy products : 1) Food: Fruit and vegetable, meat and poultry, seafood, oil,acetic, grocery and salts, bread and pastries, drinks(vine, juice, soda, beer), cheese and dairy products, aperitif and snacks, ice-cream and frozen products, sweetened grocery and food supplement, pets food.

2) other product: Maintenance and hygiene products, cosmetic, paper and pharmacy,hardware store, products for babies.

B. Compare to the others, “Vital punkt” doesn’t offer :
-Products in the world;
-Products manufactured by major brands;
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Presumed target customers- Patricia

The Johnson's
Rachel is 38, happily married to Steve. They have a teenage daughter, Sarah, and a little girl, Mary . She wants her family to be healthier and eco friendly so decides to start using natural, organic products, not only in the kitchen, but also in the whole house. Rachel also wants to lose some weight and she wants to introduce bio food into Mary's diet.
Sarah is becoming aware of a vegetarian’s lifestyle and thinks about converting herself into one.
John has high cholesterol, therefore he really needs to change his eating habits.
At first they used to shop in ordinary supermarkets, but because of their lifestyle changes those supermarkets were no longer enough to fulfil their needs. That’s when they started shopping at Vital Punkt. The family was aware that the prices were higher, but they were willing to pay because it really helped with their new way of life.

Store layout - Chris
The store layout of Vital Punkt is not dissimilar to that of a fine food deli market.
The layout does not display many of the mass produced goods of a supermarket but more of high quality over quantity selling.
The store does not display the standard parallel aisle layout that is seen all over the world.
Vital Punkt employs the use of ‘islands’ and limited use of an aisle systems to help drive its high quality brand image by attempting to create a
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