Vitamin C : A Health Promoting Nutritional Supplement

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Vitamin C: A Health Promoting Nutritional Supplement
There are many substances that occur naturally or that are manufactured through processes in the laboratory. These substances function to enhance the nutritional content of the food that composes one’s diet. These substances that function to enhance the nutritional content of food, also have the ability to reduce the likelihood of disease and illness, strengthen the immune system, and improve performance in everyday activity. There are a wide variety of substances that are considered to be nutritional supplements and carry out the above functions. These nutritional supplements are classified into one of the following subcategories based on their characteristics. Nutritional supplements are labeled as vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition products, natural food supplements, or as meal supplements (“Nutritional Supplements,” 2008).
A type of nutritional supplement that is very important to the proper functioning of the human body is vitamins. The human body uses vitamins in small volumes; therefore, vitamins are labeled as micronutrients (“Nutritional Supplements,” 2008). One such vitamin that is considered to be a micronutrient is vitamin C or sometimes referred to as ascorbic acid. Like all vitamins, vitamin C has specific characteristics, which set it apart from other types of nutritional substances. Vitamins can be categorized as being either fat-soluble or water-soluble. Fat-soluble vitamins get their…

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