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Introduction      Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins. Without vitamin C, human life would not be on this planet today. It does many positive things in the human body. It increases recovery time from illnesses such as colds. It helps to prevent free radical damage and collagen glycation, which cause the body to age much faster than it usually should. It also helps to prevent major diseases, like scurvy, which results from Vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is necessary for human life. Properties of Vitamin C       The chemical name for vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Its molecular structure is fairly simple to recognize, C6H8O6. There are many positive properties of vitamin C. It is…show more content…
The heat oxidizes the molecule, breaks down the hydrogen bonds, and turns it into dehydroascorbic acid. It is also broken down by alkalis, like sodium bicarbonate. Vitamin C and Scurvy      Scurvy has been known as a disease for hundreds of years. Until 1911, though, it was not known that it was a deficiency disease (3). Scurvy was most commonly found on ships that traveled on long voyages. There are many symptoms of scurvy. They are fatigue, yellow skin, and later, muscle pain. If those symptoms are not treated with a sizeable dose of vitamin C, the conditions will continue to worsen. Mental depression will start to set in, the patient’s face will start to look like it is sagging, and his teeth will start to fall out. They will look bruised because of internal hemorrhages that occur in the muscles. The final stages of the disease are shown by major exhaustion and kidney trouble, which leads to the person’s death (3).      In 1747, a Scottish physician named James Lind made an experiment to test what could prevent scurvy. There were twelve patients who were deathly ill with the disease. To three of them, Lind gave two lemons and an orange. To the others, he gave vinegar or a mixture of drugs. At the end of one week, the three men who were treated with the citrus fruit were well, while the others were still very sick. Scurvy is a breakdown of collagen, and vitamin C prevents that. Vitamin C and Collagen Glycation

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