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Vitamin C is an essential in the body's defenses against infection. Susceptible children will not tolerate relatively unimportant infections and this can lead to prolonged illness and in the case of behaviorally disturbed children of symptoms previously well managed. Vitamin C is an extremely safe substance which is immensely beneficial to the brain and body in a multitude of ways. Its potential for preventing and treating autism has barely been touched. Vitamin C is heavily concentrated in the brain, but its exact role in brain function has not been fully understood. A recent search turned up 400 references referring to vitamin C and the effects of the brain, but the mystery still remains.
Since the 1960s
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Vitamin C in autism? Has vitamin C been used in the treatment of autism? I was only able to find only one study in which vitamin C was evaluated as an intervention in autism. The study was initiated by Dolske. The study consisted of a 30-week double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 52 mg/lb. per day as a treatment for 18 autistic children (ages 6 to 19) in a residential setting. Statistically significant improvement on various outcome measures was reported. But vitamin C is extremely safe, even in massive doses, so it would be well to find out what the optimal dose for autism might be.
We might ask ourselves, what is the safe dose of vitamin C? A lot. Vitamin C expert Robert Cathcart proposes the "bowel tolerance" method of determining one's own vitamin C requirement. You simply take increasingly large amounts of vitamin C each day until your body reaches the vitamin C saturation point. Going beyond that level, the vitamin C becomes a laxative. For most people in good health, the well-tolerated level tends to be about 10 to 15 grams of vitamin C per day. If you start to get sick, your body requires more vitamin C, and your "bowel tolerance" may rise to 30 or 100 or more grams per day. But, according to Cathcart and other experts on vitamin C, increasing your input when you are sick will dramatically abbreviate your illness.

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