Vitamin C ( Vitamin C )

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Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) Vitamin c plays an essential role in the functionality of the body. Vitamin c is a water-soluble vitamin which means that it cannot be stored in the body and is excreted out of the body when there is excess vitamin c in the body. Vitamin c has several important roles in maintain body systems, vitamin c develops and forms tissue, collagen, the protein that forms connective tissues, it also helps protect from free radicals that contribute to the development of serious diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and heart diseases, so it is vital that average person consumes the daily recommended amount of vitamin c to prevent disease and deficiency in vitamin c. Figure 1: (Wikipedia,2017) Vitamin C is an organic compound that is also known as ascorbic acid. The molecular formula for Vitamin C is C6O8H6. This structure contains a 5-membered ring. Vitamin C contains 4 alcohol functional groups, an alkene, and an ester. Within the ring it contains one double bond, the carbon=carbon bond in the ring structure, this is an alkene functional group. The Vitamin C structure also contains an ester which helps form the five-membered ring. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and a polar molecule because it contains other polar molecules and very little hydrocarbons. The polar groups in the Vitamin C are the four alcohol functional groups which contain oxygen and the ester functional group that also contains oxygen. The alkene functional group in the ring structure

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