Vitamin Water

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Introduction This is an article about how Mr. Bikoff and his vitaminwater have evolved into a product that is able to get shelved with the juggernauts of the non-alcoholic beverage industry such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola. The name of J. Darius Bikoff 's company is called Glaceau and Glaceau has been on the verge, if not already started rivaling Pepsi and Coke. Bikoff believes that his company is not just another beverage and that it has somewhat of a different focus as opposed to Coke and Pepsi. When people think of Coke and Pepsi they think of refreshment before anything else. When people hear vitamins and water in one drink, hence the name vitaminwater, it gives off a sense of healthiness and that is just what Bikoff is trying to do.…show more content…
The second environment that deals with this article is social change. Although not as obvious as the competitive environment it is equally as relevant. As mentioned previously in this assignment there has been a pretty recent push for health especially in the U.S. As the average weight of Americans went up it became evident that people needed to start living a more healthy lifestyle. With people trying to go in a direction of taking action and becoming healthier Glaceau has become more appealing because of its healthy connotation. III. Marketing Mix Variables Although Mr. Bikoff and Glaceau probably focus on all four P 's this article discusses three of them. The three are product, place, and promotion with price being left out of this article. Starting with the product it is clear to see that he focuses on a product that deals with health as well as a good flavor, which cannot really be said for sodas such as Coke and Pepsi. Bikoff wanted his products such as vitaminwater to be healthy and they did just that by intense work by a "team" that Mr. Bikoff put together that included food scientists and flavorists among others. The next P is place and that deals with how Mr. Bikoff chose to distribute his products. Mr. Bikoff demonstrated somewhat of an unusual approach in that he pretty much visited stores to pitch his product and by doing that was able to in some ways chose what place he wanted his products to be at. He also shelves his
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