Vitamin Water

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Marketing Plan For LAUNCH OF

Vitamin Water in Pakistan

To establish itself as a health water supplier targeting sports, thrill seeking community and also for those adults, for whom, vitamin intake becomes a necessity with a span of age or due to some illness. To establish itself as a health water supplier for young generation & for adults with vitamin as a daily source of energy

Executive Summary
Purpose of this project is to study the opportunities in Pakistani market for “Vitamin Water”. Vitamin Water is a world renowned brand. Marketed by a well organized multinational company which operates almost all over the globe. This is the first effort in Pakistan to market this product. Vitamin Water is recognized
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What is Vitamin Water
Vitamin Water is much more than just flavor and refreshment. It works for more responsible hydration. It is great-tasting, nutrient-packed, an enhanced water with added electrolytes. In addition to providing a perfect complement to everyone’s less-than-perfect diet, each vitaminwater variety has a unique combination of nutrients to deliver a specific benefit to get you through your day. A recently completed clinical study proved what we have known all along: the vitamins in vitamin-water power-c (dragon fruit) are absorbed by the body equally as well as those in traditional foods. Vitamin Water Zero is the perfect low-calorie combination. It is only 10 calories per serving, naturally sweetened and tastes amazing. It is also packed with vitamin and nutrients you need throughout the day. Glacéau has leveraged the very best of nature and science to create a blend of natural sweeteners and nutrients that will forever change the low calorie category. Glacéau products are specially formulated to help people on the go feel better, perform better and live healthier lives through better hydration as such, we are proud to partner with athletes, artists, actors and other individuals who embody the ideal of good health and wellness and who genuinely incorporate Glacéau products into their healthy lifestyles. Glacéau continues to lead the industry in innovation with natural, low and zero calorie beverages, distributed nationwide. The
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