Vitasoy – Sparkling Soy Milk

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VITASOY – Sparkling soy milk

• Executive summary • Background of Studies • Environmental scanning • Advertising and Promotion strategies/ tactics • Conclusion • Reference • Appendices • Executive summary

• Background of Studies
In 1940, Vitasoy was established by Dr K.S. Lo in Hong Kong. Soya bean is the main source of protein for Chinese people for 4,000 years. Mr. Lo brought this big idea to Hong Kong market, he began to sell his Soya bean milk from delivery in fresh to customers’ homes on bicycle, expanded his business to retail outlets after the World War. Nowadays, VITASOY group’s products sell in over 40 markets around the world and become the international organization which is standards in quality and innovative
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Apart from Vitasoy’s existing customer, we have to explore more potient customers to increase the market share. Further to the information from the Census and Statistics Department in Hong Kong 2008, there are more females (52.7%) than males (47.3%). In the demographic characteristics, the largest age group is 35-64 year old (64.6%) The second large age group is 0-14 year old (12.2%). We will base on these statistics for product development.

3.) Conduct a product analysis

Vitasoy is a kind of well-known soymilk in Hong Kong. Despite it is a traditional product among people, new product is required to release in order to sustain the market share.

The new product is called “Sparkling soy milk” which will be one of the beverages in line with Vitasoy series that will be released in mid-November 2009. This exclusive product is limited to be sold during this Christmas season.

Overview the product: ➢ Using soymilk as basis ➢ Nutrient healthy product that is featured with the most low saturated fat and abundant protein ➢ Using a plastic bottle as a container ➢ Selling it for both cool and hot option ➢ Adding “Konjac” inside the soymilk ➢ Shake it at least 10 times before drinking ➢ Not only can drink it, even can chew it ➢ Printed with dark in glow snow pattern that will glow white at night ➢ A heat sensitive feature. After holding it for a while, it will then change into other color. It is created by using thermal color ink

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