Vitro Fertilization Vs. Sterile Parents

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In Vitro Fertilization is technology that is used to fertilize a female 's eggs by a male’s sperm outside of the body, usually in a test tube: in vitro (“in glass”). From here, the embryos are put back into the woman 's uterus in the hopes of a successful pregnancy with the outcome of a healthy baby. This assisted reproductive technology is a center of controversy between many. About 5% of couples living in the United States and other parts of the world considered developed experience infertility (Becker, Gay). While this type of fertilization has the ability to give opportunities at parenthood, the cons outweigh the pros. Although infertile or sterile parents are given a chance at a family using these treatments, In Vitro…show more content…
Being able to create a child by simply signing a waiver has been viewed as unethical. Another concern involves the thought that In Vitro Fertilization would conclusively destroy our overall perspective of what people see as the typical family Cahn, Naomi R). Many believed that the traditional marriage followed by starting a family, would be replaced by laboratory breeding. Conservatives feared the creation of these non-traditional families, feminists were concerned that the pressure on women to bear children would increase significantly. Still others, worried that these “lab-babies” would be socially rejected and considered outcasts. While this treatment has been known to help those unable to fertilize their children naturally such as same-sex couples, single mothers, and the infertile, many across the country and around the world remain skeptical (Goldworth, Amnon). With In Vitro Fertilization comes the high chance of giving birth to multiples or having an ectopic pregnancy. After paying upwards of $15,000, many parents are not in the financial position to pay for multiple children (Mann, Mali). Several who cannot have children turn to this treatment in order to start their family. As first-time parents, most are not prepared to suddenly go from a party of 2 to the huge jump that In Vitro Fertilization can bring into
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