Vitruvius Impact On Modern Architecture

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The film proposal is for a small, artistic, Indie drama film. The movie is directed towards future architects just like Vitruvius’ writing. The film would copy the message in De Architectura and tell about the importance of Architects and what an Architect should know. It would be a movie that professors require first year architecture students to watch. It would be educational and provide an entertaining way to learn about the impact of architecture on society. 3.
The movie takes place in 12 AD Rome and in 2016 at the University of Cincinnati. 12 AD is a time that Vitruvius would have been alive and Augustus would have been emperor. It’s a time before De Architectura was completed so that the lessons Vitruvius learns in the modern world could influence the collection of writing. This will help preserve the modern thoughts on architecture in classical times and push forth innovation years in advance. This plays on the fact that Vitruvius’ writings were conservative at the time and his dislike of
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The film plays off of this and the plot consists of convincing him to not be so conservative. We are dependent almost solely on his own writing to know what he was like as a person. The film takes place only a few years before his death and he is depicted as old and wise. De architectura had little significance at it’s time of writing but with his new understanding on contemporary architecture it would become very popular and not be lost for hundreds of years like it was. To modernize the literature I have Vitruvius apply his theories to modern times. The genre of the original text was not a drama, but anything can be made into a narrative. To do that there is a lot of other dialogue besides just direct quotes from Vitruvius’ writing. It would be a boring film to just watch a series of lectures so there needed to be entertaining elements of time travel, violence, stealing, competition,
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