Vittoria Caffe: Risk Analysis

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Coffee company scenario Upon opening a new coffee venture in Boston, it is first essential to assess the market and the industry in the city. Boston is one of the most popular, dense and busy cities in the United States. Its concentration of workers is increased, creating as such notable opportunities for companies, including coffee companies. Within the neighboring area, a notable presence and therefore a source of competition is represented by the Vittoria Caffe. The shop was first opened in 1929 and it is recognized as the first Italian coffee shop to be opened in Boston. The store seeks to attract both Americans and Italians, as well as foreign tourist through its variety of products. The Vittoria Caffe as such presents its customers with both beverages, as well as foods products, mostly inspired from the Italian cuisine. The shop sells items such as gelado, cannoli, tiramisu, biscotti or sorbetti (sorbets). Its beverages include espresso coffe, tea, hot chocolate or sciroppi. The Vittoria Caffe appeals to its customers through its casual style and atmosphere, combining traditional elements in a pleasant ambiance. The caffe is designed on four storeys, each with its own theme. Throughout the caffe, the management has decided to display old espresso making machines. Ambient music is played while the caffee is opened and increased emphasis is placed on the promotion of the Italian culture. "Established in 1929, Caffe Vittoria is world renowned as the first

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