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Vivian Wang Dr. Esson European History January 27, 2017 Early Stages of The Industrial Revolution In Britain: How Factories That Burned Coal Created Air Pollution In the long process of human history, with the occurrence of the industrial revolution, Britain was the first country to go through industrialisation. People give high marks on this industrial revolution, considering that it marks the beginning of a new era in human history; has passed the previous agricultural economy and has lead the human has into the industrial age. Today, however, when we think back to the British modern industrial revolution and the industrialisation process, we can find out that it has not only brought in endless welfare, but also was a great failure…show more content…
II. Using machines excluded the restriction of all kinds of natural conditions and also value-added use of plants. III. With the expansion of factories, some large - scale factories raised their productivity gradually. Take cotton textile as an example, the invention of the spinning frame by Sir Richard Arkwright and the invention of the spinning mule by Samuel Crompton helped to raise productivity rapidly. If you wanted to process 100 pounds of cotton, you could use India hand-spinning labour, which needed 50,000 hours; But you could use spinning mule with 100 spindles and only need 1,000 hours. Or you could use the steam engine spinning mule and only need 300 hours. In 1825, Roberts Loom’s self - acting spinning mule needed just 135 hours. IV. A factory owner aimed to make the maximisation of profit his most important goal. Extensive production increased personal wealth rapidly and satisfied people’s desire for money. Just because of the industry system, factory owners have an inner drive to despite everything expand the production scale just to earn more profit and this can be implemented and amplified with machines - material strength. Therefore, in the 1830s, textiles were built in an astonishing speed. “The ships of the English swarm like flies; their printed calicoes cover the whole earth”. Not only did occurred frantically build factories, they also invested to build railroads. In a hundred years of industrial revolution, just as Marx

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