Vivian's Life-Personal Narrative

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Vivian couldn't stand still to save her life, her legs twisted back and forth. Her hips shivered and her back tensed up as she struggled for control and release all at the same time. The small egg vibrating in her panties did nothing but drive her need higher. She was aching to cum so badly that begging was quickly becoming an option. She tried not to look to dissapointed when Jack pulled away from her and began to push her to her knees. Her legs wobbly as they were gave little resistance to his direction. Her hand being bound made the movement a bit awkward, but slowly Vivian managed to kneel before him. The eyes looking up at him filled with a desire she had never been able to voice. The sound of his pants unzipping caught her attention though, her eyes trailing down his long form and to his rock hard erection as he pulled it free.…show more content…
But the sudden realization that he could very well leave her wanting caused her to gasp. If he left he like stuck in the state she currently was Vivian knew she'd fall to pieces. She needed to feel him inside her, needed to feel him take her and most of all she needed the orgasm that had been eluding her all day. The fear of being left to ache the rest of the evening, and the desire to please him made her choice
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