Vivisection: Is it for you? Essay

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Vivisection: Is it for you?

Animal Research has become a heated debate over the past few decades, reaching a high point around the end of the twentieth century yet it still continues through today. There are two main ways to look at this topic: the logos pro side and the pathos anti side. Those who are for animal testing realize the amazing benefits that can come out of such research while those against animal testing stand up for animals’ rights and try to find ways to better such research without killing so many innocent, defenseless animals. While both sides seem to carry their argument well, those against animal testing ruin their ethos by making their argument an emotional one while those who are for animal testing build
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People against animal testing tend to not have the ability to convey themselves unemotionally when it comes to giving logical reasons for discontinuing its use. Many of the people who are against animal testing ask the same question: do animals not have just as much of a right to live as humans do? Their main argument, as seen in David Lewis’ article “Molecular Modeling as an Alternative to Animal Testing,” is that there are many alternative methods to animal testing. Lewis suggests in his article that we use computer simulations to get the information needed. If we have the ability to use alternative methods, why not use them? Computers have come a long way over the years and we should be able to save lives, human or animal, by using them. Such computer simulations can represent a large number of chemicals and compounds and how they would react to a living organism. Overall, those against animal testing use computer programs as a logical way to discontinue animal testing. One of Lewis’ arguments is that animal testing is not always reliable: “However, animal tests themselves have never been validated, and are often erroneously conducted and compiled” (Lewis). He feels that animal testing is unnecessary and sometimes even useless, so alternative methods must be used.

The logos and ethos of the pro animal testing side of the debate are closely related. Since most of the articles that are pro

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