Vizio's Marketing Mix

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Product Vizio uses unprecedented technologies to ensure that their products are of the highest quality available. This approach has helped the company prosper and grow to great levels in the entertainment industry. Vizio now offers everything from multiple types of televisions (LCD, LED, 3-D) to home theatre products, tablets, and wireless routers. While their main product remains to be their televisions, the variety of products that they now offer are rapidly becoming popular amongst consumers in North America. Although Vizio’s newer products are a huge success, we believe that for now Vizio’s televisions would be the best product to offer in the Australian market. When looking at the high demand for television in the Australia…show more content…
Their standard products have already outperformed the competitors in the North American market and we therefore are confident that offering the unaltered products in the similar Australian market will produce the same results. Price Price is a factor that holds a large portion of Vizio’s executive’s visions for the company. They are strong believers in offering the greatest entertainment for a very affordable price. This is what creates the advantage they posses over competitors. There is a strategically effective approach the company takes in order to offer these products in the price range in which they do. The televisions themselves are designed in America, but manufactured in Taiwan by Amtrans Technology Ltd. They are then imported to America by Amtrans. Amtrans is widely known as being the best quality producer of HDTV’s and is the second largest producer of flat panel televisions. As for the screens on the televisions, Vizio’s LCD screens are made by LG and their plasma’s are made by Panasonic. This ensures that all of their televisions offer the same, if not better quality, than Vizio’s competitors. Using such a large manufacturer such as Amtrans also allows Vizio to import and sell their products for cheaper than other companies. Therefore, we believe using this process will allow Vizio to import their televisions to Australia for around the same cost as those companies that they will be competing
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