Vladimir Bombing Facts

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A long time ago in Russia there was a bomb technician named Vladimir Chevchenko. Vladimir was completing the biggest bomb ever, the Tsar Bombe. The Tsar Bombe had a 50 megaton blast and was 1570 times more powerful than the bomb dropped at Hiroshima. Vladimir was building the bomb for the Soviet Union and couldn't control if they used it or not. Since he was under the command of KGB Officer Yuri Jaksovic, Vladimir had to follow any order from the officers. If Vladimir even moved suspiciously he would be put in prison. Vladimir was so close to finishing the radioactive core of the bomb, but out of no where the bomb was started to expel radioactive isotopes. It would take weeks for this to be fixed and Vladimir would be facing serious consequences. Even through all this, the Soviet President,…show more content…
Vladimir was always in close vicinity of the bomb just in case it malfunctioned again. Of course, Vladimir was the only person who knew how to disarm the bomb in the whole world. He, himself was one of Russia's biggest assets at the time. They would have to take him out just in case he was a spy. A few hours later Vladimir realized he had to get out of the Soviet Union. The only way out was through Africa since Europe was so tightly controlled by the East Germans. Vladimir couldn't talk to anyone about his plan to leave.He knew he couldn't trust anyone because they might tell the soviets he was trying to escape. Then he remembered that the bomb was ready to be dropped. He had to disarm the explosive device. The bomb was set to drop on West Europe in 3 hours. Vladimir had to rush to the bomb facility and disarm the bomb. Vladimir had been working on disarming the bomb for 1 hour but couldn't find a way to render the bomb useless. While Vladimir was working the officer entered and asked," Why are you disassembling the bomb it is due to launch in 10
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