Vladimir Lenin And The Russian Revolution

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Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the Russian revolution. Lenin’s reason for writing “State and Revolution” was to explain his view on Karl Marx’s reasoning for a state and views on what the proletariat, working class, should do during a revolution. The goal of a revolution such as this, a communist revolution, is to give the power to the working people, which is to say that Lenin, similar to Castro and Nkrumah, wants to be free from imperialism. Another is to Lenin’s view on revolution is that it can only be achieved through nationality and unity.(Lenin, “State and Revolution, page 22) “The overthrow of bourgeois rule can be accomplished only by the proletariat, as the particular class, which, by the economic conditions of its existence, is being prepared for this work and is provided both with the opportunity and the power to perform it.”(Lenin 23) He believes that a revolution can only succeed with the use of violence from the proletariat against the party that is in control.(Lenin, 22-23) “The replacement of the bourgeois by the proletarian state is impossible without a violent revolution.”(Lenin, 22) As a leader Lenin is an advocate of change. He is a communist and believes in giving power to the people, mainly the proletariat.(Lenin 20) Kwame Nkrumah, was the leader of Ghana first as Prime Minister then as President once they gained independence from Great Britain. Nkrumah wrote “I speak of freedom: A statement of African Ideology” in part because he
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