Vladimir Lenin As A Hero

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Heroes come in many shapes and sizes, throughout time many of them have risen and fallen. A hero is characterized as someone that is a leader to his people, they reflect societal views, and yet they have a major flaw that often causes their downfall. During the 20th century a revolutionary man rose from his years of exile to lead the Bolshevik party into power, his name, Vladimir Lenin. Lenin stands as a prime example of a leader that reflects Russia’s social values, and as a flaw for his outspoken nature suffers from a near-death assassination. Vladimir Lenin, like Achilles, looked for ways that benefited him in order to gain power, he was an aggressive man that had a certain set of beliefs that led to become a Marxist. Lenin enrolled in the Kazan University, only to be expelled within his first term for participating in a student demonstration. During his time from his studies, Lenin immersed himself in revolutionary politics, taking a large interest in Karl Marx’s writings, this later played a large influence during his time of power. Lenin in many cases is similar to Achilles, a fictional warrior from the Iliad. In book 22, Priam compares Achilles to Orion’s dog, to Greeks this is a bad omen. Priam then turns to his son, who stands outside the gates of Troy, and tells him this, “He is more powerful by far than you, and pitiless” (143, bk 22, lines 47-48). Priam knows that Hector has no chance of winning against Achilles, for he is out to get revenge on the death of his
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