Vladimir Lenin's Role In Russian History

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Vladimir Lenin played a very important role in Russia's history. Lenin had almost the same exact views about government as Karl Marx did. During Lenin's rule he made decisions that really changed the nation. However, Lenin not only played an important rule in Russian history but in universal history as well. He has been known as the greatest revolutionary leader behind Karl Marx, the one who opened up everyone's eyes to communism (Vladimir Lenin Biography).

Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov was Lenin's birth name. He took on the last name Lenin when he was working under the table with his government party. Lenin was born in Simbirsk, Russia, on April 22, 1870. Simbirsk was renamed Ulyanovsk in his honor. Lenin had six siblings of whom he was the
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After a while he moved away from Samara, and headed to the capitol of Russia at the time. In St. Petersburgh Lenin connected with other Marxist and became a very important part of their life and began to peruse revolutionary activities. Him and a group of other Marxist were arrested one day and exiled to Siberia where, Nadezhda Krupskaya, his fiancé joined him. It has been known that Lenin had quite a few women in his life, and cheated many times. After Lenin was let back into Russia the country went to war with Japan, quite a few losses had made the Russian citizens rethink their political views. More and more people started agreeing with Lenin and began to speak out about it. Alexander created the Duma which was a legislative body. This frustrated Lenin even more and got him thinking. He knew the only way that he would be satisfied was that if the working class people would start a revolution, because it could possibly spread to other countries not just Russia. Lenin was sent to Switzerland ,during World war I, on exile. While he spent his time in Switzerland he wrote a book, which argued that international capitalism naturally caused war. After Russia was drained of energy after losing battles in the war the tsar was disposed of. This drew to Lenin's attention and he quickly returned home. Lenin attacked the new temporary government and decided that Russia should be ruled by a Soviet…show more content…
He believed that only a revolution caused by the working class people would help the government, but the others believed in a revolution of the rich (Vladimir Lenin). Lenin believed that the working class needed to cause the revolution, because they carried the country on their backs. Without the working class the country wouldn’t prosper. The working class consisted of merchants, soldiers, peasants, farmers, etc. If Russia took out that class of people Russia would soon deteriorate. The working class was very vital to Russia and that’s why Lenin believed that they needed to cause a revolution
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