Vladimir Putin, The Most Hated Man Of His Time

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Vladimir Putin, who is the president of Russia, the man that is held responsible for tearing Ukraine apart into a battlefield. The eastern region of Ukraine withheld a city (Crimea), which became the headlines of all western and global war for its significant role in the Ukrainian-Russian Conflict. This was due to the city that was being fought over by the two countries. As Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin was bashed by the world for being the new modern Hitler; which Hilary Clinton had compared Putin’s strategical methods on this crisis to. She compared it to the similar Nazi’s of 1930; which she had said in her speech at the University of California. Although, no one can really understand why Vladimir Putin was the most hated man of his time. Later it became evident that it was because of the propaganda that was created by the western media and news. We must really think the fundamentals as to why Putin really entered Crimea, and who really is behind the new regime that has settled in Ukraine as well as which part of the world is standing behind Ukraine. Former President Viktor Yankovich made a phone call to Vladimir Putin seeking help. He had called while he was in hiding fleeing to Russia right after that conversation, around a two years ago shortly after over a 100 people were killed in a 48 hour protest. He fled his own country for his own safety. The fact that he fled as president to a neighboring countryRussia, shows just what type of situation this man was left

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