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Physical fitness is a necessity in a person’s life. Whether you are an adult or kid, one hour of exercise or more is vital to remain healthy. During P.E., the students learned about “Personal VO2 Max,” which is the maximal oxygen uptake that can be utilized in a minute during exhaustive exercise. Today, we walked the mile and found our VO2 Max in the following formula: 132.858 – (weight * 0.0769) – (age * 0.3877) + (female = 0 or male = 6.315) – (time of walk * 3.2649) – [(heart rate * 10) * 0.1565] = VO2 Max. My VO2 Max was 44.4307 which landed me in the spot of superior. Considering that I’m a pretty good athlete, this score doesn’t seem unexpected. However, some people do get off scores when they do this, bringing up the question: Does VO2…show more content…
While getting a great workout, the (walked) mile was a fantastic exercise for my calves, for walking fast and long strains your legs and making them pain. While some people are not as fit, they get lower scores on these mini-workouts, proving that they need to get more active and try harder. Also, I don’t think that the VO2 Max doesn’t give a correct score due to my friend’s calculations. This girl has a 6-minute mile/plays softball, and did very well on the walking mile. She got in the “superior” zone with a much higher number than mine. To elaborate, this athletic friend of mine got a very good score on her personal VO2 Max. The VO2 Max is a great tool to help you get better with workouts. I believe that the VO2 Max is reasonable way to determine your fitness after doing heavy exercise. Although some people get weird scores according to them (an athletic person gets a poor score or a nonathletic person gets a great score), the majority of people get reasonable scores according to their body type. After trying this technique out, I would not mind using VO2 Max again because it was a simple and easy way to reaching better fitness. In conclusion, physical fitness is vital in everyone’s life and VO2 Max can help reach better fitness
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