Vocabulary Acquisition Through Audio-Video Aids

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Vocabulary Acquisition through Audio-Video Aids


With the advancement in computerized technology, there are a great number of advantages using computers and multimedia for second language instruction. Vocabulary plays an important part in second language acquisition and academic achievement. The role that vocabulary knowledge plays in second and foreign language acquisition has long been neglected. However, vocabulary is currently receiving increased emphasis in the language teaching curriculum. This paper will focus on various possibilities to enhance vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension with the help of technology. Furthermore, the variety of media such as text, graphics, audio, and video for delivering
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Therefore, many universities provide the non-English major college students with language labs and multimedia facilities. The use of communicative strategies seems to suggest that the way of learning vocabulary does not merely involve memorizing and monotonous practicing, but various other activities to enhance understanding and usage. Nowadays, CALL and CALT have developed from traditional ones to web-based ones. There are several new features frequently used in CALL and CALT, including hypertext, hypermedia and multimedia. Hypertext refers to links among textual items, often indicated by key words set in underlined blue type. Hypermedia refers to similar links as those used in hypertext, but instead of simply linking text to text, hypermedia involves linking various media such as sound, images, animation and/or video. Multimedia refers to many of the same ideas associated with hypermedia, but hypermedia might only use of two types of media (e.g. text+sound or text+photographs). Multimedia tends to features several media types including text, images, sound, video and/or animations. Multimedia can promote students’ vocabulary acquisition for its increasing students’ autonomous abilities in learning. It can also lower students’ awareness of teacher-centered feelings in classroom. Firstly, learners respond to multimedia in a complex way and
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