Vocabulary Exercise: Matching

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Vocabulary Exercise: Matching Term | Definition | a. Frame | a. Two or more devices connected to a common medium | b. Node | d. A layer of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model that frames upper-layer data and controls how data is placed on a medium | c. Media | b. A device on a network | d. Network | e. The physical means used to carry data signals | e. Data Link | c. The protocol data unit (PDU) used in Layer 2 of the OSI model | Concept Questions 1. What are the two main jobs of the data link layer? * Allows the upper layers to access the media using techniques such as framing. * Controls how data is placed onto the media and is received from the media using techniques such as media access control (MAC) and error…show more content…
Congestion control | e. Indicates a particular type of communication service for special processing | Protocol | Specification | a. Ethernet | c. A protocol for wireless networks that uses CSMA/CA | b. Point-to-Point Protocol | a. Defined by the IEEE 802.3 standard | c. 802.11 | a. Includes specifications for operation at 10, 100, 1000, and 10,000 Mbps | | b. Establishes a logical connection (session) between two nodes | | c. Uses a preamble field at the beginning of the frame | | c. Often found on WANs | | a. Provides unacknowledged connectionless service over a shared medium using CSMA/CD | | b. Defined in a Request For Comments (RFC) document | | b. Uses a flag field at the beginning of the frame | | c. Uses an acknowledgment to confirm that a frame was received successfully | Concept Questions 1. Compare and contract Layer 2 addresses with Layer 3 addresses As compared to Layer 3, where addresses in the packet header are carried from source host to destination host regardless of the number of network hops along the route, Layer 2 uses addressing to transport the frame across the local media. 2. Why are Layer 2 addresses not needed in point-to-point topologies? Point-to-Point topologies, with just two interconnected nodes, do not require addressing. 3. What is the purpose of the Frame Check Sequence (FCS) in a frame trailer? FCS is used to determine whether errors occurred in the transmission and reception of the frame. Vocabulary Exercise:
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