Vocal Cords Research Paper

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Vocal Cord Polyps and Nodules

Polyps and nodules are noncancerous (benign) growths that can develop on the vocal cords. You have two vocal cords in your voice box (larynx). The vocal cords produce the sound of your voice when air from your lungs passes over them. Polyps or nodules can cause your voice to change. They will often make your voice sound more hoarse or husky.
A vocal cord nodule is like a small, hard callus. Vocal cord polyps are usually larger and softer. They can be different shapes and sizes. Polyps usually develop on just one vocal cord. Polyps and nodules do not go away without some type of treatment.

Vocal cord polyps or nodules may be caused by:
• Using your voice too much. This is the most common cause. It can be
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• A physical exam.
• Various methods to examine your vocal cords:
○ Indirect laryngoscopy. The health care provider looks at your vocal cords by holding a small mirror at the back of your throat.
○ Fiber-optic laryngoscopy. The health care provider looks at your vocal cords by inserting a thin tube with a tiny camera at the end (laryngoscope) into your throat.
○ Videostrobolaryngoscopy. The health care provider uses a scope with a type of light that allows him or her to see how your vocal cords vibrate.

Treatment varies and may include:
• Medicines to treat the cause of the polyps or nodules. This may be medicines for coughs, allergies, GERD, or thyroid problems.
• Voice therapy. This includes resting your voice and working with a speech therapist. The speech therapist can show you how to use your voice more safely.
• Lifestyle changes, such as:
○ Quitting smoking.
○ Reducing stress.
○ Taking steps to help control GERD symptoms.
• Surgery to remove the nodules or polyps. This may be needed if other treatments do not work.

• Rest your voice as told by your health care provider or speech
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