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“People of genius do not excel in any profession because they work in it, they work in it because they exel.” Such a large part of our lives is figuring out what to do with our lives. There are so many options; often times people are lost as to where to go. In our society, many of the decisions we make are made with money in mind. People will do almost anything for money, even if that means being unhappy. This class, and my SI education in general has framed for me a new way of living. That is, living happily. This does not mean that the work/job I perform is not hard. Instead, it means, that I must find something that I enjoy doing, and find a career based around my interest. This concept is essentially vocation. Mick McCarthy,…show more content…
McCarthy believes that he was partly shaped by his home environment (which was steeped in “civic responsibility”) and his educational background. His Jesuit education at SI and SCU gave him the language “to access and discover what, at a far more profound and mysterious level, I so desired.” In sum, McCarthy’s discovery of vocation is a combination of mystery, history, desire and attraction. His approach in determination of a vocation appears to largely a dialogue with himself and God. Spohn frames his essay on vocation with Ignatian spirituality. He opens with a description of a job seeker who wants more than just financial compensation from his life work. He wants his job to have more meaning. In other words, this job seeker is called to the challenge of discernment in determining a vocation. Spohn breaks down the different aspects of how Ignatian spiritually helps one seek the right vocation for them. The first important step is prayerful reflection. This helps one understand personal desires, special talents and the needs of the world and helps set a foundation for seeking and choosing a path. “An authentic calling goes beyond personal fulfillment and satisfaction to a broader concern for justice which demands that the needs of others are addressed, even if they are strangers.”
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