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Marketing Management Term Paper: Vodafone’s Advertising Strategy In India Submitted To: Written By: Mr. Vivek Singh Tomar avani kukreja (Vodafone Essar Ltd.) India “Zoozoo”ed The Background: The Indian telecom scenario had changed ever since the Union government of India changed its strategy on the presence of private sector in the Telecom sector. As a result Vodafone entered India in the year 2005, by acquiring a stake of 10% in Bharti Televentures which later became Bharti Airtel Limited. Vodafone had a greater interest in the Indian market ,which were supported by the Indian government by increasing the limit of Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) from 49 per cent to 74 per cent . Vodafone is the world’s…show more content…
Inspite of making a foray into the promising telecom market of India, Vodafone had to still prove its mettle in cellular service quality. The Brand Vodafone required a different kind of promotion to establish its own brand recall in the minds of the people which is stronger than that of Hutch and in the long run the Hutch brand fades out of the people’s memory. The Transition: Hutch to Vodafone Vodafone’s new advertising campaign in India carried on with the same popular pug that has become a brand ambassador for Hutch. ‘Where ever you go, our network follows,’ was the previous slogan with the pug following the child wherever he goes. Now, with Hutchison Essar becoming part of the Vodafone Group, the new campaign had started with Vodafone Essar earmarking Rs. 2.5 billion on the transition from Hutch to Vodafone. The main message of the brand transition exercise: The new Vodafone is the same old Hutch. In the advertisement, the pug sees a new home when it returns after an outing and feels the change is better. The new catch phrase will be ‘Make the most of now.’ Vodafone had tied up with Star India to run a complete roadblock of its fresh campaign on the entire network by unveiling the 24-hour nationwide rebranding campaign. Vodafone used all of the commercial airtime across all 13 channels in five languages (Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi and English) from 9 pm on 20

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