Vodafone Marketing Strategy

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a paper on | Marketing Strategy for | Vodafone | | [Type the author name] | [Pick the date] | | Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary: 3 2. Introduction to Topic: 3 3. Situation Analysis: 4 2.1. SWOT Analysis: 4 2.1.1. Strengths: 4 2.1.2. Weaknesses: 5 2.1.3. Opportunities: 5 2.1.4. Threats: 6 2.2. PESTLE Analysis: 7 2.2.1. Political Factors: 7 2.2.2. Economic Factors: 8 2.2.3. Sociological Factors: 8 2.2.4. Technological Factors: 8 2.2.5. Legal Factors: 8 2.2.6. Environmental Factors: 9 4. Differential Advantage Analysis: 9 5. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Strategy: 10 4.1. Segmentation: 10 4.2. Targeting: 11 4.3. Positioning: 11 6. Marketing Objectives: 12 7. Marketing Mix Strategy:…show more content…
* The firm by investing in R&D activities could work for the development new mobile technologies that could enable the firm to use market its services more efficiently (Bootby, 2007). * The organisation could further carry on with the market penetration policy as there are still huge potential through the development of other services like teleconferencing, virtual networking etc. 2.1.4. Threats: * The European sovereign debt crises are emerging as a strong threat to the UK economies as well as other countries where the organisation is operating. * The competition is increasing with the passage of time and the organisation is confronting price war from different players in the market (Vitorovich & Hodgson, 2012). * The UK as well as other EU countries where the firm has major share are now looking for an open perspective where new licenses are issued to new firms and organisations that operate in other parts of the world. This may emerge as a threat to the organisation in the future (Euromonitor, 2011). * Most of the big cities and urban areas of the market are fully penetrated where very less room exists for new customers as well replacement inventory. * The regulatory intervention is increasingly with the passage of time in the mobile business where the regulatory authorities are increasing the tariffs. In addition, they are also creating pressure on mobile operator

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