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INTRODUCTION Since the need of the hour is the communication which we make with each other, I have taken a telecommunication company as my concerned organization with the topic – “What next for Vodafone? A strategic study of leadership and people performance in a successful organization”, for my report. Here, I will talk about the strategic planning introduced in the Vodafone. A discussion about the company’s mission, vision and goals of the company would be discussed in brief. After that, a SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis would also be done to have a better understanding of the environment in which the company is working. Then I will highlight the different types of strategies adopted by the company in…show more content…
It acquires the leading position in India and has a huge presence in Japan. Its strategic alliance with Apple iphone is also one of the strength of Vodafone. Weaknesses- Weaknesses of the company is analysed by the SWOT analysis which would further help the company to make strategies to reduce its weaknesses by reconfiguring its operation process. The US business of Vodafone is not as large and strong as Europe, which contains a larger percentage of operations of almost 80%. Opportunities- Strategies of Vodafone can focus on exploiting its strengths to capture the opportunities that are present openly in the market. A great opportunity lies in the untapped market of developing nations of Asia and Africa. Also, it can take up the step of reducing cost in India and has the opportunity to come up with the research and development of the new technologies in the mobile phones. Threats- Any external factor which poses hindrances for the expansion, diversification and development of the company could be termed as the threats for the company. Since there is a highly competitive market for mobile phones in the market, it poses a big threat for Vodafone. Also, the European Union regulations on the cross border cell phone are the threats which the company is supposed to handle by formulating the strategies in to action. Besides all this, any company is

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