Vodafone Public Relation Management

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Executive Summary
This handbook gives an insight into the PR strategies adopted by Vodafone Essar. Vodafone Essar is a mobile service provider which launched in India in September, 2007. It was previously known as Max Touch, Orange and Hutch.
Over the years these brand names projected the services in many different ways.
Vodafone’s main aim was to create a positive image in the minds of the Indian Consumers. They undertook massive PR strategies to do the same.
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Their main aim was to promote the brand Vodafone and its services. They also kept in mind that the right medium of communication is used to reach the target public, their target being each and every person right from a milkman to high-profile people. On the other hand, their competitor, Airtel targeted the elite, upper level professionals and entrepreneurs. They also kept in mind that they maintain good relations with the media so that media can help them out when they are in need of them.
PR strategies used by Vodafone as a whole:
Vodafone believes in advertising through media like television and press as people retain those things that they view visually. Heavy amounts of money is spent on visual advertisements.

Corporate Advertising:
Vodafone also undertakes corporate advertising. The PR department informs the spokesperson Mr. Navin Chopra which details he can reveal and which he shouldn’t reveal. He has to be very polite while handling the media. They give everything in writing to the media. The PR department also informs Mr. Navin about how to dodge certain questions with trick and humours so as to maintain the confidentiality of certain important issues like the future plans of the company.
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