Vodafone Strategic Plan

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VODAFONE’S STRATEGIC AUDIT External Environmental Analysis: PEST ANALYSIS Political factors Vodafone is generally subject to regulations governing the operation of its business activities. Such as industry specific laws and regulations covering telecommunications services and general competition (antitrust) laws applicable to all activities. Most member states of the EU have now implemented the EU Regulatory Framework for the communications sector, adopted in 2002. It aims to encourage competition in the electronic communications markets, to improve the functioning of the single market and to guarantee basic user interests that would not be guaranteed by market forces6. The impact of EU Framework on Vodafone was significant.…show more content…
3. Orange: Orange is the key brand of France Telecom, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. France Telecom serves more than 172 million customers in five continents as of March 31, 2008, of which two thirds are Orange Substitutes The increasingly vague scope of the market boundaries has drawn considerable interest within the industry. Fixed‐mobile line conversion is a real future prospect for network operators. Research shows that the total number of fixed lines fell by 1% in 2004 and by 1.8% in 2005. One of the main driving forces of this change is their substitution by mobile service.. Entrants New initiatives from outsiders are not likely in an industry that is highly regulated and protected by significant barriers to entry and high initial fixed cost requirements. Yet the increasing interdependence between mobile network operators and online entertainment providers (music, video, data downloads) leads to a redefinition of the industry boundaries. In the long run, communications’ usage and purchases will be increasingly intertwined with those of other digital goods. Suppliers In the context of the mobile network operators market, the concept of suppliers should be redefined indicating the providers of mobile devices, but also the providers of network infrastructure, software and additional digital services. While it is very important for network
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