Vodoo as a Religion Essay

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Voodoo as a religion

There are two different types of voodoo; the religion and the evil version that Hollywood made up. Voodoo has many traditions, and is a lot like Christianity. Both believe in a higher being. The Loa is similar to Christian saints, in which they were once human beings who lived outstanding lives, and are often blessed with a responsibility or honored. Both have ceremony’s similar to communion, and believe in evil spirits or demons. “Followers of Voodoo believe that each person has a soul which is composed of two parts: a gros bon ange or "big guardian angel", and a ti bon ange or "little guardian angel". The latter leaves the body during sleep and when the person is possessed by a Loa during a
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Voodoo is thought to be a powerful religion, because it survived religious persecution and slavery. Many voodoo priests’ and priestesses’ were killed because voodoo was thought to be evil to the Roman Catholics. Voodoo is very much alive today, in fact it is now Haiti’s national religion. Voodoo originated from parts of Africa, but was spread to Haiti and America during slave trade.(Voodoo) I believe that this religion survived because slaves tended to hang on to their religion and beliefs because what they believed was the only thing that they owned and could control. Voodoo has had a major impact in Haiti; so much so that they have declared voodoo as there national religion.(origins of Voodoo) It also has had a major impact on New Orleans, Louisiana. A lot of New Orleans’s art and culture is based on Voodoo and it’s traditions. A lot of bad stuff has been said about Voodoo; however, when the religion itself is researched and separated from the myths and superstitions its not much different from the religions that are considered normal. Voodoo is a religion and should be respected like any other religion.


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